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National Pirate Day
23rd May 2014
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National Pirate Day
23rd May 2014

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Harry MillsHarry Mills

Our son, Harry Mills, died from Meningitis on Thursday the 26th of April 2007 at the age of 11 years. A much loved boy, Harry always had a beaming smile on his face and limitless enthusiasm for sport and life itself. Our family; myself Richard, my wife Judi, daughters Marie and Jenny and son George are devastated by his loss. Harry’s short life was extinguished in a single day by this terrible disease.

Harry seems to have touched so many people. The love and friendship that was his hallmark lives on after his death. It is some comfort to know that through organ donation Harry will have helped others and saved lives.

Meningitis B vaccine is to be approved for the NHS and given to all children along with other vaccines.  Click here to read more on the Meningitis Research Foundation website

 Harry Mills Team Maker Award

Steven Smith presented with Harry Mills Team Maker AwardJudi and Richard were invited to attend the Youth Sport Trust's National Young Coaches & Officials Academy in December 2013 which is attended by Young people from a range of sports. The Academy offers activities and workshops for promising young coaches and officials the opportunity to learn and share valuable experiences in their pursuit of sporting success.

We presented the Harry Mills Team Maker award which is awarded by the Youth Sports Trust to a promising sports person who displays the team maker qualities. We are very proud to announce that the award was won by Stephen Smith who says...

"I feel deeply privileged to even be nominated for this prestigious award, let alone win it. Over the course of the weekend I was astounded by the young coaching talent Britain has to offer the world. This award shows the power of sport in determining Young People’s lives. This award allows Harry’s memory to forever live on, and I am humbled to be a part of it. To quote Wayne Gretzky (former Canadian professional ice hockey player and former head coach) “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. I am glad I seized this incredible opportunity provided by the Youth Sport Trust to develop myself as a coach, the weekend really put into perspective, however large your aspirations in life, don’t let anyone tell you it’s not possible."

It is especially moving for us and a great salute to Harry for us to be making this award to such inspirational athletes.


Playing Football, Rugby and Cricket, Tennis, Athletics and Cross Country, sport was Harry’s life. He played football and rugby for John Hampden Grammar school, Rugby for Marlow RUFC, Cricket for Marlow Park, football for Holy Trinity Juniors Football club and Tennis with Marlow Tennis Club.

At times in between he could be found scoring a try in the lounge at the Mills residence in Marlow, scoring a goal between the TV and Hi-Fi in the kitchen or beating his dad at table tennis or cricket in the garden. Ability and sportsmanship earned Harry a place on the Talented and Gifted Register (government initiative) at John Hampden School.

Message balloons at Harry's funeral - All Saints Church in Marlow

The family would like to express our thanks to everyone that has donated to the Meningitis Research Foundation and Youth Sports Trust charities. Your generosity and expression of love for Harry is beyond words. We would also like to thank everyone for their messages of support. Friends have assisted in many different ways from providing meals on wheels, helping with the funeral, raising funds or simply keeping in contact.

Many people and organisations are also raising money through sponsorship and dedicating events to Harry. Upcoming Events are on this front page. If anyone is planning an event please let us knows and you will have the support of the family.

Harry’s life seems to have transformed into a spirit that is sustaining the Mills family through all your support.

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